Tommy Curtis, Adjutant Host

Tommy Curtis continues the radio legacy of his father, Nathan Curtis, who had originally created, along with KELB station manager Barry McCall, the locally unique Christian talk radio program, “Church and State.” Tommy will be available as an alternate, or “Adjutant Host”, when other hosts are unable to be in the studio for scheduled guests. Tommy is no stranger to radio, as his experience has included local sports broadcasting on KAOK radio as the voice of LaGrange Gator football for many seasons (1993-1999, 2009), and as a frequent guest, host, and cohost on KELB under the tutelage and guidance of his father for many years. Tommy’s passion and understanding of history as it relates to today’s culture, current events, and Christian worldview, brings another compelling facet to the broad brush of subjects offered on “Church and State.” A local business man with nimble wit and flexibility of mind, Tommy has conducted many interviews with local, state, and national officials, bringing illumination to issues of relevance to the Christian community. A graduate of Barbe High School (1973), he attended McNeese State University and currently owns and operates, with his sister and business partner, Phyllis Curtis, Curtis Insurance Agency. Adventurous, daring, dynamic, and physically active, Tommy trained horses in his youth, was a High School State Finalist Bull Rider, a skydiver, and local stage actor in minor and leading roles, among other exciting pursuits. A former Civil War reenactor, he appeared in 3 movies: “Gettysburg,” “Gods and Generals,” and “Andersonville.” Outspoken on those subjects that capture his attention, well-read, serious of mind, often entertaining, always engaging, and with a good sense of humor, Tommy brings energy, enthusiasm, and passion to any program on a moment’s notice. He looks forward to being a part of any of the fine programs as needed!