Dianna Alcede, Tuesday Host

Dianna Alcede has been a frequent guest for the past four and a half years on KELB radio speaking on different topics that she is passionate about. Her areas of interest include biblical nutrition, natural healing, Protestant Reformation as well as hidden history and the power structures who control medicine, war, education and religion.
> Dianna has been married to her husband Joey for 44 years and they have three adult children, spouses and 10 grandchildren. The Alcede family worships The Lord and Saviorat the Enterprise Boulevard Church of Christ. In her free time she enjoys feeding her family from an organic garden she and her husband maintain.
> Dianna fills the position as the Tuesday host on KELB radio from 8am -10am and informs her listeners where they can research information on the bodies ability to self-heal and the intricate cleansing pathways to eliminate toxins from the body and thus wellness.
> Dianna can be contacted at dalcede@aol.com